Suggested Running Kit list

The following is a list of suggested kit, it’s not exhaustive and you may feel you want to bring other items particularly non-running clothes. If you are unsure about any item of equipment, please do ask us about it. It is wise to have run in all your basic kit before your holiday – particularly your running shoes.

We carry basic first aid kits; with more extensive kits available in vehicles used at water stops.


  • Running holiday insurance (required) and valid EHIC card (if applicable)
  • Two pairs of running shoes – in case one pair gets wet you have another while the other dries out. If you are taking part in a trail holiday, we’d suggest that at least one pair of these are trail running shoes.
  • Lightweight wicking running tops – at least two
  • Long-sleeved running top – for cool evenings and relaxation time
  • Running shorts – at least two pairs
  • Running socks and underwear – as many sets as you think you will comfortably need
  • Waterproof jacket or similar with sleeves – lightweight, you probably will not need, but is a good item for extra warmth too if needed
  • Back pack or running belt with minimum 1.5l fluid holding capacity – we top up with water every 10km or so on longer runs.
  • Toiletries, including sunscreen and lipsalve - there is a small shop in the village (in case you need to top up). However we suggest bringing sunscreen of an adequate factor for your skin type.
  • Cap and/ or buff
  • Sunglasses
  • Euros – for extra purchases, café visits etc
  • Mobile phone in a plastic bag – we’re sure you’ll want to take some photographs of the scenery. The plastic bag is to protect your phone from sweat damage.
  • Phone charger and adapter – Spain is the standard two pin EU socket
  • Salt Tablets / Electrolytes – bring whatever you usually use. We have limited stocks available, but to avoid any gastro issues it’s best to use the brand you are used to.
  • Non-running clothes – at least one outfit to wear when you are not running. We’d also suggest a warmer fleece/ jacket. Temperatures can feel cooler in the evenings after a hot day in the sunshine.

Other Optional Kit

  • Blister kit – if you do have problems with blisters we’d suggest bringing along your usual care kit. There is a pharmacy in the village which stocks basic supplies.
  • Running longs – in case of cooler weather. We appreciate some people never wear long shorts/ tights so this is up to you.
  • Running watch and charger – don’t worry if you don’t have the latest GPS system.
  • Waterproof trousers – lightweight, bring if you have, particularly over the winter months.
  • Running hat and gloves – for the spring/ autumn months. We may well include a night run which can get chilly.
  • Poles – lightweight, trail-running type. Some people use them, others don’t. We can advise on use if you have not used before and wish to do so.
  • Calf compression guards – can be useful to stop irritation from prickly vegetation on narrow trails.
  • Cloth gaiters – you do not need full gaiters on any of the trails we run. However, cloth gaiters can be useful at certain times of the year to prevent grass seeds dropping into your shoes.
  • els / bars – we provide fruit and nuts at water stops, but if you wish to use your own sports nutrition we recommend bringing them along with you since you may not be able to buy these locally.
  • Head torch – we may include some runs into the evening.
  • Race kit – if you are entering a race while you are with us, we’d suggest bringing your usual gear. Races are well-supported with refreshments provided every 10km or so. Road races will provide water. Trail races will offer water and sport drink, plus bananas, orange and other seasonal fruits but we’d suggest carrying your own bars and fluids.

Other info:

We offer a laundry service for runners staying with us. Kit will be turned around within 24 hours.

Towels are provided.

If you are travelling with a low-cost airline without hold luggage, we’d suggest purchasing toiletries (especially sunscreen) on arrival at the airport. Depending on flight times we may be able to stop at a supermarket for you to purchase items.