trail running
I had a great week at Sarah’s and Steve’s ultra-trail running centre at Moclin. I was sent a running plan before I left home. Each day runs were structured according to my ability and needs-training for a marathon at the end of Oct. The area is stunning, and the trails were varied. The apartment I stayed in had everything I needed, and it had a nice outdoor area to sit in the afternoons. I got the ‘prepared lunch’ every day and it really gave me 'food for thought' on making changes to my own diet to be more nutritious and provide more energy for long runs/muscle repair etc. Sarah and Steve were very welcoming and were helpful and supportive throughout my week, even when at times I struggled a little! I learnt a lot from them, they are very knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience. I highly recommend staying here! And finally I got my ‘mojo’ back!! Thanks again, Mags
Administrator Answer
Thank you for your review Mags! Good to hear the mojo is back. Keep up the good work. Remember consistency is king. Now go smash that marathon! Good luck!