Just spent the last 4 days with Sarah and Steve at Casa la Cabra, Moclin. Everything was fabulous, from the warm, friendly welcome to the well equipped and extremely comfortable apartment. The bespoke running programme was superb with lots of advice on running technique, training programmes, injury prevention, nutrition and much more.... it was a challenge...... but that’s what I came for. Considering myself a ‘novice’ runner who has experienced some injuries/niggles recently I was nervous about embarking on such a holiday.....but no worries needed at all as everything was tailored for my requirements; this understanding combined with the knowledge of the area and love of running/hiking created the perfect running ‘holiday’. I would highly recommend anyone embarking on an ultra event (or just wanting a running challenge) to take the opportunity to tap into both Sarah and Steve’s vast experience. I’m back in Aug....... and I’m sure that I’ll be put through my paces again! Thank you, see you in a few weeks.