Heat Running in Spain

Second week of June until end of August

Why come heat training with us

Before moving to Spain, we (Steve and Sarah) both lived in Qatar, in the Middle East, for six years. While working in the country we were also keen runners, often leading running groups in the desert. Steve also organized the first desert ultra distance trail race in the country.

Learn from our experience, often knowledge discovered the hard way, just what it takes to run in the heat. We have both experienced – and survived – the extreme heat of the desert. We appreciate the respect the desert commands, making our knowledge vital to those training for extreme desert events such as the Marathon des Sables, 4 Deserts Race, and Sahara and Oman Desert Challenges.

Heat Running - in Spain

Summer in Andalucia is hot and dry; granted not as hot as the Middle East summers, but the months of July and August are excellent times for those wanting to train in simulated desert conditions and experience the heat they will face in some of the many desert ultra races and stage races now held around the world each year.

Aside from running in Qatar, we have competed in events in the deserts of Oman as well as the United Arab Emirates. We have also raced here in Andalucia over the summer months. We both completed the challenging stage race, Al Andalus Ultimate Trail three years in succession, with Sarah finishing first woman in 2015. We have also taken part in races in arid Mediterranean countries like Cyprus, where Sarah placed second lady and fifth overall in the 80km Two Castles mountain race in 2016. Held in May, temperatures are extreme in the middle of the day and runners have to manage hydration carefully.

Run with us over the summer months and we will help you learn the skills needed to make your desert racing experience as successful as possible.

While running with us you will experience:

  • Running in desert temperatures
  • Be fully supported in your runs
  • Practice your hydration and race nutrition
  • Receive advice on footwear, kit, items to carry
  • Opportunity to test items of your kit