Running Multi Day Races
Multi-Day Running Events: 9 Step Strategy You’re going for it! You’ve entered a multi-day event! Now the challenge really starts as you need to get to the start line in the best possible shape, injury free, with suitable kit, and mentally strong enough to take on the race. We’ve got this! Ultra Trail Spain has
Running hills efficiently is one of the most important (and challenging) trail running skills. Actually, it’s a combination of several different skills: you need to master both ascending and descending, learn when walking is best, improve your balance and spacial awareness, as well as your overall strength if you want to excel in hilly or
Planning your ultra race calendar is as important as running itself. Try to squeeze too many races in too close together and you could be heading straight for the injury bench. But thinking carefully about your goals, being realistic, and getting the correct training in at the right time will mean success.
Ultra Trail Spain’s Sarah here. I don’t usually blog about the folks I train. But I’m so amazingly proud of this particular runner – she’s dynamite in running shoes and such an inspiration. Who is this mystery person? I’m breaking my code of secrecy to tell you about… Hani*. A little history I’ve been coaching

Top tips in tackling the 100km distance

Sarah and Chito at Ultra Sierra Norte
Top tips in tackling the 100km distance Steve and Sarah of Ultra Trail Spain running holidays recently completed the Ultra Sierra Norte, Sevilla (5pt UTMB qualifier) 100km race. Check out the start of the race here, courtesy of a YouTube clip from the great Chito Speaker:    Here are just a few of Ultra Trail Spain’s top
winter running trails
Where’s winter? We’re still waiting on our trails It’s mid November and winter has yet to make it’s impression on Moclín, Andalucia – great for trail runners but not so great for the skiers waiting to hit the slopes of Sierra Nevada. Also, not so great for trying to get your head around the fact

Which way? Discovering the best trails

Ultra Trail Spain on the trails
Which way? Discovering the best trails We at Ultra Trail Spain often get asked how we find our routes around Moclín. Why? Well it’s not quite as simple as opening a map and navigating in these parts. Rights of way in Spain exist very differently to say, England and Wales, where paths were rigorously mapped

A day at the races in Moclín

running through Moclin
A day at the races in Moclín, Andalucia, Spain The Ultra Trail Spain running holiday crew has enjoyed a day at the races. Well, it would have been rude not to, since the start line was a mere 200m from our door. Series schedule The Granada area CXM (cross mountain) series came to Moclin on
moclin gorge
Multi-day ultra training  This last week Ultra Trail Spain hosted a multi-day running camp. Steve and I are both experienced stage-race runners on the trails and we enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge. Welcome to the multiple-day race The multi-day is an interesting concept, and it’s often not the fastest runners (on paper) who

Autumn trail running in Andalucia

Running through the gorge
Autumn running in Andalucia Autumn has arrived on the trails of Andalucia, Spain. It’s still hot and sunny while running – indeed I managed to burn the back of my neck on a run this week – but there’s an air of mellow fruitfulness. Nuts and fruits on the trails Walnuts, sweet chestnuts, pears, figs

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