Moclin, Andalucia, Spain

About the area of Moclin

Moclín is a traditional Andalusian town and an absolute paradise for hiking and trail running with rocky gorges, mountains, and endless tracks through the olive groves.

Runners Paradise

The town sits at an altitude of just over 1,000m, on the road between Granada and Alcalá la Real, in neighbouring Jaén province.

Moclín is an historic town, and a little bit of a locally kept secret. The 14 th century Moorish castle that overlooks the area is surrounded by a series of Atalayas (watchtowers) atop neighbouring hills. These offered an early warning system in times gone by. Runs and walks often take in views of the Atalayas.

The church is known as the Santuario del Cristo del Paño – the Sanctuary of the Christ of the Cloth – a religious painting presented to the village by Philip II and Queen Isabella. It is believed to have miraculous healing properties. The festival of Cristo del Paño is marked in the town every 5 October, when thousands of pilgrims and well-wishers journey to see the painting being paraded around the streets.

The Camino Mozárabe, a southern link to the Camino de Santiago, passes through the village, and we do trek and run on this famous trail at times.

If you are coming from sea-level you may feel a little breathless on your first runs/walks in the area, but we alter the pace to suit, and we’re pretty sure the stunning views will take more than takeaway your breath anyway.

Moclín boasts a pharmacy, doctor’s surgery and a small supermarket – as well as two bars. There’s also a summer bar - or chiringuito - open from spring until autumn and an excellent place to while away the evenings watching the sun set, listening to goats calling and the sounds of the village bakery busying  reparations for the next morning’s loaves.